Personal Trainer
EDUCATION: B.A. Indiana University, M.A. Northwestern University
CERTIFICATIONS: NASM – Certified Personal Trainer

Jennifer Bonner is a National Academy Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer. Burnt out from a corporate career, Jennifer left her position to focus on gaining a healthier lifestyle and teach others the amazing benefits of fitness.  From experience, she understands and can empathize that people are pulled in many different directions with family, career and “me” time, so you need to make your workouts count. Jennifer will teach you the right techniques to start strong and see results. She understands the power of feeling good in your own skin. It can make a dramatic difference in your everyday life, and in your relationships with friends, family and at work. She will help her clients achieve that same feeling through positive coaching and motivation. Jennifer incorporates strategic exercises such as circuit and strength training, plyometrics, flexibility challenges and joint stabilization techniques to achieve long lasting results. She will start with customizing an exercise program tailored to your unique goals and challenges, and educate you on making positive choices that you can use beyond the gym floor.