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Meet Jesse Muniz of Prestige Personal Fitness

“Prestige Personal Fitness brings a healthy lifestyle to our clients. All of our personal trainers, yoga instructors, and massage therapist travel to our clients home, high-rise, or semi-private facility. We take the hassle and excuses out of not going to the gym.”

Budget-friendly fitness: How to set up the ultimate home gym

“No waiting for equipment, no germs, no dressing to impress – working out at home has a lot of appeal. But setting up a functional home gym without spending a bundle can be daunting. The good news: With just a few key pieces of equipment you can get a cool and different killer workout day after day.”

Chicago winter: The cost of hibernating for the season

“Since Jamie isn’t going outside the apartment’s four walls and her apartment doesn’t have a gym, she pays for 24 sessions with an in-home personal trainer from Prestige Personal Fitness of Chicago.”

How to Live Your Life Entirely On-Demand in Chicago

“9:00am Renee from Prestige Personal Fitness, which offers in-home training in Chicago and the western suburbs shows up for my yoga session. We set up our mats in my kitchen and after an hour of downward-dogging, I feel centered. Since Prestige offers a free introductory session, my zen comes at no cost.”

“8:30am Fabian (yes, his real name), another Prestige personal trainer, shows up. He brings a kettlebell, a 15-pound weight, resistance bands, and a Bose mini-speaker. We do an hour’s worth of 30 second exercises in my daughter’s playroom, and I’m hurting when it’s over. My waistband will surely thank me.”

Strong arguments for weight training

“Despite the benefits, some older adults are hesitant to begin a program of strength training, says Jesse Muniz, owner of Chicago-based Prestige Personal Fitness, a six year old company whose client base is comprised overwhelmingly of people 55 and older. Aging does not appear to enhance or reduce the musculoskeletal system’s ability to adapt to resistance exercise.”

Best of Beauty Chicago

“Our Personal Trainers and yoga instructors travel to our clients home, high-rise, and semi-private facility. We cater to our client’s busy lifestyle and help them achieve their fitness goals.”